Members Admission


Admission shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. an existing secondary mortgage organisation located in the recognised geographical region of Asia
  2. recognition by all Members; and
  3. ability and willingness to participate in the activities of ASMMA.

Members Role

  • The Members commit themselves to participate in ASMMA activities such as: 
    1. contributing actively in free and open discussions in the ASMMA meetings and communications;
    2. providing a basis and platform for exchange of information and /or ideas and /or views and/or experiences on,or best practice in , certain products and regional capital market integration;
    3. working together towards sharing and disseminating relevant information and knowledge for the benefit of members through the e-platform setup by ASMMA;
    4. sharing relevant publications and/or research documents to the extent legally permissible;or
    5. contributing respective strengths of domain knowledge and expertise.
  • with a view to developing the secondary mortgage markets and promoting housing finance within and among the Members economies as well as nurturing mutual advantage among the Members.