Secondary Mortgage Corporation,THAILAND

Mission To act as a secondary mortgage market in order to foster housing loan extension of financial institiutions, residential property developers, and providers of mortgage finance for properties on hire purchase of leasing. To develop the capital market through issuance of financial intruments or securitization so as to channel funds from the capital market into the housing mortgage market. To allow the public greater access to long-term fixed-rate mortgage financing which will help to enhance their quality of life. 
Brief introduction  Secondary Mortgage Corporation,THAILAND was established in 1997 and SMF's primary objective is to develop the secondary mortgage market under the principle of asset securitizaion fund raising activities to allow for adequate, sconsistent and broader expansion of housing mortgage finance in a bid to strengthen mortgage financing stability in the real estate sector and stabilize national economy. 
Credit rating AA-/TIRS Rating
Address 21st Floor, AIA Capital Center Bldg, 89 Ratchadapisek Road, Kwaeng Dindaeng, KhetDindaeng, Bangkok 10400,Thailand